Good Bye Piero Furlani

In the afternoon December 6th 2017, our beloved President Piero Furlani has taken his way to the sky!

Since few years he was fighting hardly against several illnesses, without saving any effort to continue the daily control over all activities going on in our Company

During almost 55 years he has been teaching anybody working with him that commitment and responsibility drive to win any challenge and any difficulty. Even though today we will not see him touring the offices and the workshops to make sure that everything progress properly, his entrepreneurial spirit will live for ever to support the development at Simem that we all will be committed to continue under the guide of his inspiration. 

Thanks to all people who attended the ceremony of his last farewell in Minerbe and to all those hundreds who have participated with warm messages to the sadness of the Furlani Family. He will be sure that his presence in this world has left an important heritage to everybody he has met on his road…