About SIMEM Megaprojects

Simem MegaProjects is a full-service consulting and engineering firm specializing in the construction methodology, planning and support for Large Dam, Hydroelectric and Heavy Civil Infrastructure projects.


Our personnel have experience ranging from the very first conceptual stages of planning to “boots in the mud” on-site construction supervision and experience. We work directly with all stakeholders of projects, ranging from owners and financiers to design engineers and contractors.

SMP plans, models and simulates the feasibility and construction of Dam, Hydroelectric, and Heavy Civil power projects from feasibility to actual construction. We use real world equipment, proven construction methodologies, and historical production rates gained from our years of experience, streamlining the planning process for 21st century efficiency. 

Using fully integrated BIM (Building Information Management) techniques developed for the Dam and Hydropower industry, we give our clients a real picture if the lifecycle of their project before actual construction takes place. This not only gives stakeholder’s a “what if” option for design and construction but also identifies project risk beforehand for a greater reduction and easier management of these risks.


Once projects begin construction, the models are further utilized and updated in real time with actual project information to monitor the progress. This allows reaction sooner in the event discrepancies are found from planned progress, so adjustments can be made earlier in the construction lifecycle.