Quality and Safety policies

Quality policy:

Following the market’s growing demand of high quality standards and being persuaded that constant internal improvements are achievable by applying the quality culture, the General Management at SIMEM’s has been enabling a Quality Management System that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulation.

It is the company’s intention to pursue this goal by adopting suitable operating methods and creating an environment that is suitable for the correct development of activities and, above all, by giving responsibilities and consistently involving the whole company’s personnel.

The company’s main goal is to ensure that all activities are developed efficiently and economically, keeping active a company management system based on the following fundamental principles:

•         Compliance with the law and regulations in force

•         Compliance with the contractual requirements as concerns quality, quantities, schedules and quality/price ratio

•         Constant improvement of the product and the service provided to the customer

•         Constant commitment in preventing problems and deficiencies 

•         Individual responsibility of every employee relevant to the quality of their tasks.

Download the Safety Policy HERE.


Safety policy:

Simem SPA recognizes the safeguard of the heath and the safety as its primary duty and responsibility as a company, not only in terms of preserving it but also as a value per se.

Putting into practice its Safety Policy is the beginning of the commitment we aim to:

0 work-related injuries and 0 occupational illnesses

Download the Safety Policy HERE.



Since 1963, SIMEM has been constantly growing to become a leading world-class company in designing and making high quality machines and plants for industries of construction and environmental protection with the goal of contributing to improve the infrastructures for human habitats all over the world. The company will be active and competitive in all the major world markets and will take advantage of the skillful people who are part of the companies included in “the SIMEM family of companies”.

Our purpose is to supply integrated solutions represented by innovative products and engineering services for infrastructural projects that contribute in creating places that are suitable both for people and for the environments.

Our professional goal is to define the best engineering solution for each specific project in which our customers involve SIMEM as a partner.



A spread and capillary organization of marketing and sales able to understand and meet the needs of each customer. A multi-functional team of research and development that is able to constantly improve the technology required for construction and environmental projects. An efficient assistance service that guarantees the customer’s greatest satisfaction: we want to build long term business relationships with our customers to ensure the continuity, reliability and adaptation of the plants to the evolution of both the processes and the projects for which they are designed. The Simem Family of Companies includes companies scattered in the main markets of the USA, Canada, India and Russia.


Minerbe, 24/04/2018

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