Bakonytherm is a brand of brick clay block and ceramic lintel 

For new production site, company Papateszeri Teglaipari asked for a turn-key project for the industrial production of pre-stressed brick-cement lintels.

A turn key solution was born by the partnership between Simem and Schiaslo Spil, and it consists of three well integrated groups of elements: the pre-stressing benches, the moving machinery and the ancillary equipment, including a complete Simem MobyMix duetto mixing plant. Thanks to the use of high-efficiency machinery, including the automatic casting device with displacement rotor, the automatic shakeout device by means of "Elephant" ant the automatic cutting device by means of two simultaneously operating stations, the entire system is so well designed that it is able to turn out daily all six pre-stressing benches, working with a single 3-man team in one 8-hour shift. Daily production capacity of the standard model range between 10.000 m down to 2.400 m of lintels depending on the width, respectively ranging between 6 and 25 cm.