MMX stands for Mobile Mixing eXcellence, and represents in Roman Numerals the year 2010, which is the year SIMEM has officially launched the state of the art of super mobile batching plants, worldwide! Two patents for industrial property referring to the moving mechanism of the mixer and chassis hood-scales were acquired by SIMEM in 2009, clearly establishing the innovation in the MMX.
Thanks to these inventions, the concrete batchingand mixing plants can ensure an hourly output capacity of 130 cubic meters ofhigh quality concrete, and have a structure that allows for easy transport with generic vehicles

The aggregate module only needs one vehicle to be transported as hopper walls and contai-ning
walls for ramp collapse into the aggregate module
Mixing and dosing module are transported as one unit thanks to the patented movement

The aggregate section is expandable by adding additional modules and changing the belt conveyor
head: this allows to add the available hoppers and therefore the type of ag-gregates. Regarding storage capacity of aggregates, the 4 aggregates' configuration can easily switch from the basic 80 m3 configuration to 160 m3

The MMX 5000 plant is equipped with a twin-shaft mixer producing 3,33 m3of compacted concrete per batch and 130 m3 per hour in 40 cycles.The batch size of 3,33 m3 allows the filling of 10 m3 truck-mixers in only 3batches.

Characteristics of Artik version are:Insulation up to 80 mm heating for water, admixture and inside spaces mobile covers for aggregate section service container connected to the plant by means ofclosed and insulated passages

SERVICE CONTAINER complete with distribution panel, screw type air compressor, clean water tank,
clean water pressure unit, grease feeding system, automatic superwash. ADMIXTURE CONTAINER with 4 tanks with capacity of 1500 lts each, preassembled and prewired