Simem MobyMix is delivered in 3 different versions, with capacity from 16 to 50 m3 per hour, integrating the Simem SUN planetary mixers.
The mixer support structure, which includes patented foldable legs, is prepared to support cement, water, and additive dosing weighers on top of it.
With the pre-wiring of electrical and pneumatic equipment, a short installation time is guaranteed.

SIMEM SUN planetary mixer is available for Mobymix with the model 751 or 1501. It is equipped with planetary gearbox, vertically coupled to the electric driving motor, as the transmission and the driving system is concentrated in the center of the mixing tank. Antiwear plates inside, water distribution pipe with injection nozzles, and steel inspection gates are also provided.


SIMEM@TIC 3.0 NANO is the automation program that, with a friendly interface, displays all the essential information about the plant for full operations control (loading, weighing, recipies, discharge, production lists, pending orders,…)

Mixer support platform and aggregate modules are designed to allow transport on standard trucks. After arrival on site, an extremely easy SELF UNLOADING is possible by means of legs positioning, that will release the truck. Next step is the SELF ERECTION of the plant by means of two hydraulic cilinders that will lift up the mixing unit to its working position.