Designed in 1978 and till today produced in thousands of units, SIMEM MSO twin shaft mixers are actually a market benchmark thanks to their reliability, construction strength and high productivity; MSO mixers are available in a wide range, with different capacities from 1 m3 to 9 m3 of concrete output and different versions, suitable for standard WET & SCC concrete, RCC concrete, MASS concrete (with large aggregates),…;

Mixing tank of all SIMEM MSO twin shaft mixers is fully lined with high resistance tiles; paddles and arms are bolted on two main mixing shafts; mixing paddles and arms are hydro dynamically engineered to reduce wear and provide optimized mixing results. Configuration of arms allows them to be installed in different configurations depending on the specific application. Cleaning rings between the arms are supplied as standard

SIMEM MSO twin shaft mixers from 1501 to 6001 are available with an aggregate loading skip, working with two ropes; main feature is the bottom discharge (no tilting) and the heavy duty winch with high power self-braking electric motor.
SIMEM MSO twin shaft mixers from 5001 to 14001 are equipped as a standard with high efficiency planetary type gearboxes (mechanical efficiency up to 94%) and oil cooling systems,to guarantee a proper working temperature and an extended geaboxes life.

SUPERWASH, automatic washing unit, is available as option, with 2 x 11 Kw electric pumps, 60 lts/min water flow, 200 bar water pressure, full electronic control with a touch screen panel