WETBETON batching and mixing plants are state of the art plants for concrete production. NEXUS aggregates hoppers are together with the mixer, the central component of the plant; key features of NEXUS hoppers are : availability in different sizes and capacities, high modularity, possibility of expansion, high inclination of bin walls and cones (for a proper material flow), prevision for liners,  full galvanization, industrial production with highest standard processes

SIMEM WETBETON plants can be configured for any required capacity and application, due to the extensive range of SIMEM twin shaft and planetary mixers, with output from 0.5 m3 to 9 m3 per cycle; aggregates sections are available with storage capacity from 10 to 100 m3 per section and different widths and different numbers of fractions.

SIMEM experience on DAM projects goes back to 1990. Since then, a large number of Wetbeton plants have been designed and supplied for DAM projects (both RCC and conventional concrete, with large size aggregates). Plants are normally equipped with MSO twin shaft mixers, output up to 9 m3 per cycle, dosing devices for aggregates, cement, silica, ice,…;
many plants can achieve up to 10 millions of m3 of concrete production!

SIMEMATIC  3.0  is the automation program that, with a friendly interface, displays all the essential information about the plant  for  full  operations  control  (loading,  weighing,  recipies, discharge, production lists, pending orders,…)