Since the 1970’s SIMEM has developed a wide range of mixers that have been designed for the production of concrete which quality is recognized worldwide.
Through the revolutionary and innovative design of the XENTRIX mixer, SIMEM has added yet another excellent choice to its products line. With features like central cement and water inlet as well as modular design, XENTRIX has taken the planetary mixers to a new level, making it suitable also for treatment of industrial waste, production of glass, mixing of chemicals, etc.

New exclusive design
The new design of SIMEM XENTRIX planetary mixers has an off-center positioning of the main mixing arms and central charging of cement, water and additives, which makes it a leader in its class ensuring the best possible mixing action.

The mixing is highly efficient due to the integrated action of central satellites (1 or 2 depending on the model) in planetary rotation for a centrifugal effect. Water is introduced by an innovative  system  that  distributes  it  at  360°  making  it flow  into  the mixer  shaped  like  an  umbrella.  A  filter  unit  equipped  with  a  fan minimizes the environmental contamination.