Concrete Plants

Simem is the reference company for concrete batching plants as, with its wide range of products, it answers to  each client’s need.
Years of experience combined with a strong technological innovation allow Simem’ products to satisfy the demand of plants for the production of concrete coming from each area of the World.
Technology, innovation, reliability, quality and post sale services are factors that distinguish Simem and that make it unique in the sector…
A diffused and professional sales network guarantee an almost total coverage of the territory, with the aim to assist and support the client by means of technical knowledge and availability to attend them quickly granting the maximum productive efficiency. 


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Transportable on standard trucks or containers | Production range from 60 to 180 m3/h | Aggregate capacity from 65 to 260 m3 | Heavy winter package available | All-in solution with service control cabin | High profitability investement
Simem MobyMix is delivered in 3 different versions, with capacity from 16 to 50 m3 per hour, integrating the Simem SUN planetary mixers. The mixer support structure, which includes patented foldable legs, is prepared to support cement, water, and additive dosing weighers on top of it. With the pre-wiring of electrical and pneumatic equipment, a short installation time is guaranteed.
Flowbeton is a high capacity continuous plant for the production of zero slump concrete and Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC).
MMX stands for Mobile Mixing eXcellence, and represents in Roman Numerals the year 2010, which is the year SIMEM has officially launched the state of the art of super mobile batching plants, worldwide! Two patents for industrial property referring to the moving mechanism of the mixer and chassis hood-scales were acquired by SIMEM in 2009, clearly establishing the innovation in the MMX. Thanks to these inventions, the concrete batchingand mixing plants can ensure an hourly output capacity of 130 cubic meters ofhigh quality concrete, and have a structure that allows for easy transport with generic vehicles
BETONWASH is the definitive solution for reclamation of excess concrete and slurry water from cleaning of trucks, pumps, mixer, buckets, etc. BETONWASH separates solid materials over 0.15 mm. diameter from the water through a spiral system rotating inside the inclined drum. Slurry water is discharged from the BETONWASH by overflow into storage tanks and is normally re-used in the concrete production.
Designed in 1978 and till today produced in thousands of units, SIMEM MSO twin shaft mixers are actually a market benchmark thanks to their reliability, construction strength and high productivity; MSO mixers are available in a wide range, with different capacities from 1 m3 to 9 m3 of concrete output and different versions, suitable for standard WET & SCC concrete, RCC concrete, MASS concrete (with large aggregates),…;
The mixing flow efficiency is due to the central stars in planetary rotation combined with different peripheral scraping shovel. The tank is internally covered by interchangeable panels made of anti-wear materials, while the mixing paddles are manufactured with a Ni-Hard cart iron.
Tower Beton
The SIMEM TOWER BETON series of vertical batching and mixing plants represent the state of the art technology for industrialized concrete production.
WETBETON batching and mixing plants are state of the art plants for concrete production. NEXUS aggregates hoppers are together with the mixer, the central component of the plant; key features of NEXUS hoppers are : availability in different sizes and capacities, high modularity, possibility of expansion, high inclination of bin walls and cones (for a proper material flow), prevision for liners, full galvanization, industrial production with highest standard processes
Since the 1970’s SIMEM has developed a wide range of mixers that have been designed for the production of concrete which quality is recognized worldwide.
More than fifty years of experience in engineering and building machines with the highest technology: this is the base from which SIMEM started for the development of its latest innovation for roads construction, RCC, pavimentation, etc: the Bison
Dry concrete plant
Transportable on standard trucks or containers | Production range from 40 to 110 m3/h | All-in solution with service control cabin | High profitability investement
Smart mobile plant for ready mix | Production range from 20 to 60 m3/h | All-in solution with service control cabin | High profitability investement
The best ever concrete flow dynamic in a twin shaft mixer. HIGHLIGHTS: Enhanced mixing action with advanced paddles shape High energy efficiency through direct transmission Reduced maintenance and minimal operational cost High efficiency auto washing system Improved concrete quality