A tailored-fit, highly versatile, mobile equipment solution for road construction is here!  

BISON is the continuous mixing plant game-changer for a variety of concrete and cement stabilization applications. 

  • Super Mobile Mixing System by a standard trailer
  • Crane Free, Foundations Free, Hydraulic Installation in 4 hours
  • Low-Cost Continuous Mixing Solution for budget-conscious projects

SIMEM equipment, for 56 years, has been synonymous with quality, integrity, and trust. This feat is not accomplished without a relentless drive for innovation and a focus on improvement.                 

BISON is designed, engineered, and manufactured for the road builder who values dependability and predictable quality.  

BISON is a remarkably versatile machine capable of continuous mixing up to 500 tons per hour: 

  • RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete)
  • Concrete Pavements
  • Cement-Treated Bases
  • Soil Stabilization mixes 

BISON is an ideal solution for projects seeking the advantage of mobile operations, accurate weighing of multiple aggregates, and powders, including cements and fly ash. 

BISON’s main unit contains all that is required to successfully weigh, dose, continuously mix, and convey RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), Concrete Pavements, Cement-Treated Based and Soil Stabilization mixes – the unit includes our MDC continuous twin shaft mixer, 1-2 aggregates, powder, and liquid dosing devices, loading belt and SIMEM@tic FLOW Software System to manage precise material charging and continuous mixing for the highest quality product result.

The BISON parade of advantage continues with an available low profile, trailer mounted mobile horizontal silos.  These self-contained units include an integrated hydraulic system to move an attached screw conveyor from transport to production position, vibration and fluidization with an independent air compressor, plus dust filter with a stainless-steel housing.

BISON models are expandable – in addition to silos… service unit and aggregate extension unit with hot-dipped galvanized structure and retracting loading ramp panels include an independent load cell metering and dosing system for each bin, and transports via flat-rack trailer.  This level of mobility, in addition to the transport method, allows for simple relocation and easy layout configuration to fit varying project conditions where continuous mixing operations thrive!



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