Inauguration of Nishat ETP

We excitedly witnessed the most significant day in the history of Textile industry of Pakistan on 9th May 2018 when the Largest 100% Biological Effluent treatment plant of the country, with the Capacity of 400m3/h was inaugurated by the CEO of Nishat Mills Mr. Mian Umer Mansha.

Nishat Dyeing & Finishing (NDF) is the largest woven cloth manufacturer in the country which uses 400m3 of water per hour in order to prepare the Fabric for its clients, which are spread all across the globe. With all the attention to details given during selection of the best Dyes and chemicals for the production, still the out let water contains a high quantity of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and few other impurities.

Being the market leader and trend setter in Textile industry of Pakistan Nishat Mills decided to invest even more in the environmental department and treat the out let water just not as per the specifications of NEQs (National Environmental Quality Standards) but go further ahead and prepare itself eventually for Zero Liquidity Discharge (ZLD). In order to achieve ZLD they first had to achieve ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

Nishat Dyeing & Finishing team headed by the G.M Mr. Adil Ghani left no stone unturned in this project and as a proof of concept decided to conduct an onsite pilot project with a capacity of 4m3/h (1% flow rate of the actual capacity) treating water from the actual outlet water, from all potential suppliers. This gave them the opportunity to judge and analyze the on-field performance of various technologies before deciding to commit to the best among them. Among many European & Local suppliers, SIMEM S.P.A was selected on the basis of its consistency and best results during the Pilot project which operated for 6 months.

M/s Simem S.P.A is one of the largest ETP solution provider in the world which is focused mainly on Textile & Leather industry. M/s Simem S.P.A is represented in Pakistan by M/s Nortal Corporation, which is part of one of the oldest industrial equipment suppliers “Habib Group of Companies”.

The inlet water pollution (COD) was as high as 2000mg/l but with the commitment of Nishat to make this water reusable, Simem was able to supply the best and most electrically efficient equipment to Nishat. Now with this plant Nishat can bring down the COD to as low as 40, which is even better and pollutant free than the regular canal water which is supplied to the farmers.

Nishat invested a huge amount of Rs .560 Million, apart from the cost of 3 acres of land which is right in front of the prestigious DHA phase 9 carrying a sufficient financial value as well. The project took 1.5 years from its civil work startup to reaching the outlet water results. During these 1.5 years Simem Italy team visited Nishat more than 10 times to ensure close coordination and hands-on support for the project. Nortal Corporation team comprising of a M.PHIL in Environmental sciences and an Environmental engineer were also on the plant every day to assist and share the experience of Nishat team.

This Plant is unique and first of its kind in many ways. It uses Aerostrip diffusers for the first time in Pakistan, which helped in saving the electrical consumption, which is the largest cost of water treatment. Another first was that M/s Simem also incorporated ‘Simem App’ in Nishat project which is an anaerobic reactor and so far Nishat is the only plant in the country to have an anaerobic reactor in its ETP.

This Investment of money, time, effort and human resource shows the commitment of Nishat, Simem and Nortal Corporation to the environment and the nature. We believe strongly in giving back to the society we live in create a better world today. We eagerly hope all other textile dyeing houses to follow these exemplary steps and contribute to the society.