NSL Textiles

NSL Textile Ldt. is one of the leading company in textile filed, located in Andhra Pradesh.
NSL Textile Ltd. has always been strongly committed to the environment, taking special care to preserve and upgrade the environment. In particular a strong attention is dedicated to the water preservation in all the steps of the textile process.

NSL Textile Ltd. for a new dyehouse required to Simem to design and realize a costumized plant to treat the wastewater coming from the dyeing process.
Moreover, a special attention has been required for the water recovery process, in order to allow the reuse of the discharged water in the production process.

Simem provided a complete solution to treat and recover the waste water coming from the dyeing process.
In particular the treatment is realized by biological technology, which allows to treat the wastewater with the lowest running cost.
The water recovery section is realized by Quarz filtration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis.