Alok Industries

Alok Industries Ltd. is a fully integrated textile company with a dominant presence in the Cotton and Polyester segments. The company is into dyeing and finishing for wovens and knits (sheetings, bottom weights, shirtings).

One of their biggest manufacturing facilities is situated in a location which has tremendous scarcity of water. Requirement for a high quality Effluent Treatment Plant followed by a recovery unit was the requirement.
It took time to convince them to move from the conventional Physical-Chemical treatment to a state of the art biological treatment wherein they could treat textile wastewater better and more cost effectively.
In addition to wastewater coming from the textile process, the customer decided to treat also wastewater coming from the civil use.

Solutions designed and realized from SIMEM

  • Fully biological Effluent Treatment Plant for flow 10,000 mcd (10 MLD).
  • Biological and tertiary treatment for treating both flows coming from the textile process and from the civil discharge.
  • Quartz filter for suspended solids removal
  • Reverse Osmosis plant in 1 stage for a total recovery up to 70%

After initial success in running their ETP, ALOK decided to recover majority of the wastewater being discharged in phases:
• Phase I in 2008: Reverse Osmosis plant for flow 2500 mc/day
• Phase II in 2009: Reverse Osmosis plant for flow 7500 mc/day