DBL Group

DBL Group is a leading company in textile; it’s a diversified business entity which has vertically integrated textile and apparel manufacturing facilities.
DBL Group realize products for main european and US brands, like H&M, Puma, Walmart, Lidl.
The group is strongly committed in environmental protection. In fact “Environment is a high priority for our company and we do make sure to decrease carbon footprint, water consumption, and waste from our manufacturing processes. We dedicate ourselves in conserving energy, managing waste effectively and replenishing the environment to the best of our capacity. The company recognizes that its own sustainability rests on its ability to work harmoniously in its social and environmental settings. So, with economic success we also want to balance social and environmental prosperity.” (from DBL Group website).

DBL Group realized a new factory, called Color City, and asked to Simem to design and realize a costumized plant to treat the wastewater coming from the process.

Simem realized a fully biological treatment, with carousel tanks, denitrification, pumice stone treatment, cooling towers, circular clarifier with scraping bridge and filterpress for sludge treatment.
Technical features:

  • Dyeing, finishing and printing of woven in cotton and PES (5.900 m3/day)
  • Stone wash (1.600 m3/day)
  • Flow rate total 7.500 m3/day
  • Pumice pre-treatment
  • Double biological carousel tank
  • Denitrification tank
  • Circular clarifier
  • Filter press for sludge treatment