Thermax Group

Thermax Group Ltd. is one of the leading Bangladesh company in textile.
The company is focused in manufacturing quality cotton yarn, melange yarn, woven fabrics, knit fabrics & knit apparels. The group is serving many european and north american brands like Walmart, MNS, Zara and TNA.

Thermax Group asked to design a new plant for waste water treatment, which will be realized in two phases, the first for 9.600 m3/day, the second for additional 6.000 m3/day.

Simem designed and provided a fully biological plant for the capacity of 9.600 m3/day, especially focused on energy efficiency. In particular the new air diffusion system is realized with the most advanced diffusers on the market, which allow to save 20% of the daily electrical running costs compared with standard diffusers. It means a saving of more than 2.300 kWh/day.