Web Privacy Policy


The data holder is Simem S.p.A. with registered and operating offices at Viale dell'Industria, 24 - 37046 Minerbe (Verona)(hereinafter the Holder).

In accordance with the obligations of the regulations in force, we inform you that Simem S.p.A processes personal data for performing standard company activities, such as the following:
a)    for managing the technical support service for our traded products;

b)    for marketing activities such as sending information or promotional materials after getting the consent of the concerned person and according to the law in force;

c)    for job opportunities;

d)    for processing the customers and suppliers’ data;

The data Holder, Simem S.p.A, will process the personal data in accordance with the law provisions in force as well as the principles of adequacy and minimization.

The Holder adopts the proper security measures to prevent the access, diffusion, modification or destruction of Personal data. The processing is carried out by IT and/or telematic equipment according to organizational and logical methods related to the given purposes. The data is processed at the operating offices of Simem S.p.A. and wherever the involved parts are located. The User’s personal data might be transferred to a country other than that in which the User is located. Data is processed and kept for the time that is necessary to achieve the scope it is collected for, such as the following:

a)    to contact the user by means of Mailing lists or newsletter.
Personal data: personal details, company name, phone number, email;

b)    for statistics through Google Analytics.
Personal data: monitoring cookies and usage data.

c)    To display the contents from external platforms by means of Google Fonts.
Personal data: usage data and other types of data according to the privacy policy of the service

d)    To manage the contacts and sent messages through Mailchip.
Personal data: email

e)    To connect to social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube.

When the processing is based on the User’s consent, the Holder may keep the Personal Data for a longer period unless the consent is withdrawn. The Holder might be forced to keep the data longer in compliance with a legal obligation or an order from an Authority.

The website uses technical data and monitoring cookies from Google Analytics. No user’s personal data is acquired by this website. No cookies are used for transmitting personal information. The use of session cookies (which are not stored permanently by the user’s computer and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed) is limited to the transmission of the session identification data (i.e. random numbers generated by the server) which is necessary for the secure and efficient exploration of the website. Session cookies used on this website do not use IT techniques that might compromise the privacy of the users during the navigation and do not allow the acquisition of the user’s personal data.

This information note has been in force since 25th May 2018. Simem S.p.A can modify or update its content, partially or completely, to update it to the regulations in force.